By Rosy Cordero
June 02, 2019 at 01:44 PM EDT
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Celebrities are just like regular people, they freak out when they get to meet people they admire.

Bill Hader came face-to-face with Dateline‘s Keith Morrison, during a segment for SundayToday and he could barely contain his excitement. During his time on Saturday Night Live, Hader famously impersonated the newsman in a sketch titled, “The Mystery of the Chopped Up Guy” in 2011.

Host Willie Geist surprised the former SNL star, by escorting him to the 30 Rock studios where the NBC true crime series shoots — just a few floors above the popular morning show. When the pair sit it on an editing session, Morrison was shown in a room recording audio for an episode which was purportedly a feed from Los Angeles. But he was really just a few feet away, waiting to meet one of his biggest celebrity fans.

Mike Smith/NBC

“Keith Morrison! I knew he was going to be here,” Hader exclaimed as Morrison, who he refers to as “the master,” walked into the editing bay.

“I knew he was going to be here! Oh my God, wow. Oh my gosh. Man, you’re the man.”

Morrison responds graciously, “You extended my career a couple of years.”

An adorably starstruck Hader had trouble expressing his admiration for the Dateline host, giggling while trying to get the right words out. He even admitted to being nervous just interacting with Morrison!

“This is the coolest thing of all time,” he said. “John Mulaney, Larry David, there are so many of us — we’re massive fans of yours.”

Watch the full video of the interaction, including how Morrison learned about Hader’s bit and how the parody came to be, above.


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