By Rosy Cordero
May 31, 2019 at 05:43 PM EDT

The Latinx drama Vida has been renewed for a third season by Starz, the network announced Friday. The award-winning series, created by Tanya Saracho, launched its sophomore season May 26.

“It is a rarity in television today to have a series earn this level of critical praise for two consecutive seasons and spark cultural conversation in the way that Vida has,” Starz COO Jeffrey Hirsch said in a statement. “We are proud to continue to tell this story with Tanya and the incredible cast and crew she has assembled.”

Vida tells the story of estranged Mexican-American sisters Emma (Mishel Prada) and Lyn (Melissa Barrera), who were brought back together after the death of their mother, Vidalia. The pair have faced challenges both personal and financial in the aftermath, but together they’re learning the importance of family and healing old wounds for the betterment of their lives and their community.

Vida BTS Season 1, Episode 1 Lyn (Melissa Barrera), Emma (Mishel Prada) and Tanya Saracho on set CR: Starz
Credit: Starz

“My heart is so incredibly full with this news of season 3,” Prada tells EW exclusively. “The support for Vida has left me without words. I can’t thank our fans enough for using their voices and becoming part of our familia, because of you we are able to bring this story to life for one more season. Starz is sending a message that these stories are valid, important, and worthy.”

Prada and Barrera’s characters have come a long way since their reunion in season 1. They have shown growth as individuals and proved that together they are stronger. Barrera says she can’t wait to get back into character and bring fans more powerful stories they can relate to.

“So incredibly grateful to our fans for watching and showing our show so much love,” Barrera, who was recently cast in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights movie, says. “I know I speak for all of us when I say we are so blessed to continue to tell this story. Now more than ever we need shows that tell the stories of underrepresented communities. Thank you, Starz, for allowing us to continue for another season and showing the world that we are being seen in more ways than one. I’m so looking forward to finding out what Lyn is up to in season 3!”

“I’m just so excited we get to continue telling OUR story,” adds series star Chelsea Rendon, who plays activist Marisol Sanchez. “It means so much that Starz believes in us and the stories we are telling. I hope our success shows other networks and studios that brown people don’t have to be stereotyped to be successful!”

Vida airs two new episodes of season 2 on Starz every Sunday 9 p.m. Subscribers can also binge-watch the season via the Starz app.

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