An Ohio weatherman was mad as hell and not going to to take fans of The Bachelorette protesting his tornado warning anymore.

A meteorologist slammed viewers who complained on social media about weather reports interrupting ABC’s Monday night broadcast of the dating show. A succession of tornadoes were reported across eight states overnight that killed at least one person and injured at least 35 others.

Dayton, Ohio’s Fox 45 Jamie Simpson scolded Bachelorette fans during his telecast (see video above): “I’m checking social media. We have viewers complaining already, ‘Just go back to the show.’ No, we’re not going back to the show! This is a dangerous situation, okay? Think if this was your neighborhood. I’m sick and tired of people complaining about this. Our job is to keep people safe and that is what we’re going to do. Some people complain this is all about my ego: Stop. Okay, just stop right now. I’m done with you people. This is pathetic. This is a dangerous situation here.”

Simpson then took a breath and apologized: “All right. I’m sorry I did that. It just really bothers me there are people who don’t care about other people’s safety around here.”

According to The Weather Channel, the station’s Facebook post announcing the live television updates included irate Bachelorette fans. “Thanks for ruining my night Jamie,” one wrote. “You ruined Bachelorette for everyone.”

The weather service also added: “Simpson’s refusal to go back to regular programming may have saved lives after a powerful tornado later slammed the Dayton area later that evening.”And the vast majority of viewers were actually supportive: “Jamie thanks so much for your experience and for never letting us down!” one wrote. “Also proud of you for putting some people in their place tonight.”

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