Peep Show co-creator Sam Bain has revealed that an American version of the BAFTA-winning U.K. sitcom is being developed in which the gender of the two main characters will be flipped from male to female. The original show starred David Mitchell and Robert Webb as a pair of hapless, bickering London roommates. The cast of Peep Show also included Oscar-winner Olivia Colman.

“People sometimes ask if I look at my earlier work differently now — whether my shows would have been better if they had been more diverse,” Bain wrote in an article for The Guardian. “What would Peep Show have been like with women as the two leads? It’s a great question – and it’s one I’ll shortly have the answer to, because there is a script in development for a U.S. Peep Show with two female leads. It’s at FX Networks and it will be written by top comedy brain Karey Dornetto (Portlandia, Community).”

Bain’s next project is the Patrick Brice-directed big screen comedy Corporate Animals (out Aug. 9), which stars Demi Moore as the CEO of a company whose team-building retreat goes disastrously awry.

Watch a trailer for the original Peep Show above.

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