By Maureen Lee Lenker
May 23, 2019 at 05:55 PM EDT
Larry D. Horricks/ABC

ABC might just want another shot of that whiskey after all…

After being canceled on May 12, it seems Whiskey Cavalier is getting a second look from the network. On Thursday, an ABC source confirmed to EW that the network is “taking another quick look at the feasibility of renewing the show, and conversations are ongoing.” ABC also told EW this would be a fast decision with an answer expected by the end of the week.

Whispers of the show’s possible resurrection began Wednesday night on the heels of fan fervor that had been rising ever since news of the series’ demise broke.

Executive producer Bill Lawrence was the first to suggest there might be more than just fan support to the prospect of saving the Scott Foley-Lauren Cohan led dramedy. On Wednesday, he tweeted, “Tonight: great season finale of #WhiskeyCavalier. Maybe check it out? Make this a ‘season’ finale and not a series finale. Just an idea.” The tweet’s plea for viewers to watch was an effort to combat the show’s lower ratings that many believed helped lead to its cancellation. Its numbers have been on the rise since news of the cancellation.

Creator David Hemingson also urged fans to tune in to Wednesday night’s season finale in a last-ditch effort to convince the network the show was worth saving. “Tonight is THE night — it’s do or die,” he wrote. “Your #WhiskeyCavalier season finale premieres at 10pm. I know that you’ve heard we’re cancelled, BUT we have one last shot. We need you now more than ever to show your support using #SaveWhiskeyCavalier and tagging @ABCNetwork.”

Warner Bros. Television, which produces the show, declined to comment. Representatives for star and executive producer Scott Foley did not immediately respond to requests.

Whiskey Cavalier follows FBI agent Will Chase (Foley) and CIA agent Frankie Trowbridge (Cohan) as they team up in a love-hate relationship to take down bad guys around the world.

This wouldn’t be the first time a fan campaign has saved a series from cancellation — in 2017, when NBC’s Timeless was canceled after only one season, a #RenewTimeless initiative helped convince the network to reverse course.

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