By Nick Romano
May 21, 2019 at 11:16 AM EDT

Billy Eichner is getting the word out about the Jonas Brothers‘ comeback… by any means necessary.

What’s a better word-of-mouth marketing strategy than running up to strangers on the street with Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas in tow to scream at them about a musical resurgence? That’s Billy on the Street for you.

Eichner declared “the measles are back and so are the Jonas Brothers” on the latest episode of his Funny or Die comedy series. The reactions from pedestrians in New York City were, shall we say, mixed.

Specific shout-out to the older woman who thinks they should’ve named “Sucker” something else, the guy who gave so many high fives that Eichner became one of the bro dudes, the screaming woman who loves Nick more than the others but still has love for Joe (not Kevin though), and the old man who doesn’t give you cents about what sibling trio is doing what.

Here’s a soundbite from the latter interaction:

“Sir, it’s the Jonas Brothers.”

“What about ’em?”

“Now they’re back!”

“Who cares?”

Per usual, there are also a ton of pedestrians just purely overwhelmed by a screaming Eichner running into their personal space with cameras and three celebrities.

Watch the video above.

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