Your watch of Game of Thrones has ended, but your watch of Game of Thrones content is far from over.

With the mammoth series coming to a divisive conclusion, HBO is looking to keep the Westerosi coin flowing in, having already ordered a prequel series that definitely can’t be called The Long Night, while George R.R. Martin says two other “successor shows” are “edging closer.”

But why stop there? As Fast & Furious has taught us, you can never have too much of a great thing. And with Thrones leaving many of our beloved characters in intriguing places (some more so than others), there’s plenty of ground to explore. So here’s the spin-offs we’d definitely watch at least 7 seasons of before turning on it and signing a petition.

Game of Thrones
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Raisin’ Bran

A workplace comedy about the day-to-day headaches managing Westeros under a boss who doesn’t just THINK he knows everything … he does! Just imagine Bronn and Tyrion’s “working” lunches at the newly-constructed brothels and Sam shooting Jim Halpert-like looks at the camera. Bonus log line: “Small Council, Big Problems.”

Westworld IV

Is it a coincidence that Westworld debuted the first look at season 3 (Westworld III) on the same night that Arya headed west? Probably, but what if our favorite killer’s journey has her crossing paths with our favorite robot, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood)? Would that mean that Westeros was possibly one of the parks? The questions and confusion are endless!

Jorah the Explorer

If we’re talking prequels, then there’s plenty to learn about Jorah Mormont’s time before meeting his queen. What led to him disgracing his name and becoming a slave trader? How did he get involved with the Dothraki? Has he always been into much-younger women?

GoT Milk?

Breastfeeders unite! Upon learning of Robin Arryn’s handsome transformation and love of milk, Tormund takes the young man under his wing and trains him to be the greatest warrior in the realm.

Life’s a Beach

Grey Worm fulfills his promise to Missandei, bringing her back home to Naath. But after he buries the love of his life, he discovers his toughest opponent yet: retirement.

Beyond the Wall

Jon Snow settles in for a new life of peace with the Wildlings, but when tribal warfare breaks out, the former King in the North digs up Longclaw and prepares to reluctantly take the lead once again.

Rewriting History

After taking great pride in writing the end of Jaime’s story, Brienne discovers a time machine that Qyburn built before his death and starts traveling back in time to alter notable events and rewrite the history books.

A Song of Ice and Fire, as Told By The Valets

Think Key & Peele meets Drunk History meets Game of Thrones. With Archmaester Ebrose completing the Tyrion-less A Song of Ice and Fire, there’s no one more hilariously qualified to narrate and reenact the events than Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s valets. Long live, Khaleesies.

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