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If you happen to co-star with Jeff Daniels, you better come to set prepared!

The two-time Emmy award-winning actor told PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing host Lola Ogunnaike about a situation on the HBO series The Newsroom where a few guest stars didn’t have their lines memorized. Although he agrees that Aaron Sorkin dialogue can be quite lengthy, there’s no excuse.

“A lot of the day players from L.A. came in and a lot of them understood and they got on it,” Daniels said about memorizing the scripts. “But the ones who kind of memorized it in the makeup chair… You do take one on a Sorkin thing and you go on at about— if you were on a highway you’d drive at about 65. On take two, we’re going to go 80 now. And if you aren’t on it, [mimics speeding car] smoke comes out of their ears.”

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One actor in particular on the political drama who wasn’t ready, requested help that Daniels wasn’t so willing to accommodate.

“I had one guy come in and said — McAvoy was doing an interview with [a character] him at the news desk, like a three-pager, it was Sorkin so there was a lot but it was his one day. The producer came in and said, ‘Would you mind if we put his lines up on the camera over your shoulder?’ I said, ‘Let’s do this: Get the camera and put up, Welcome to The Newsroom.'”

Watch the clip above for more.

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