By Christian Holub
May 17, 2019 at 01:58 PM EDT

There’s a new pope in town, but John Malkovich isn’t the only new face around the Vatican. On Friday, HBO announced that both Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson would be appearing in the upcoming show The New Pope.

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, The New Pope is a sequel series to 2016’s The Young Pope. The previous miniseries starred Jude Law as the titular young leader of the Catholic Church, and spawned many memes. Not much is known about the new show, but Law will be reprising his role as Pope Pius XIII. He’s now joined by John Malkovich, who in early photos has appeared wearing similar vestments. Perhaps the plot will resemble the recent real-life situation of the Catholic Church, where Pope Benedict XVI’s abdication in favor of Pope Francis has resulted in there being two living popes for the first time in centuries.

In any event, Stone and Manson will both have roles in the new show. According to Variety, both actors are big fans of Sorrentino’s work. Nothing else is known about their characters, but based on HBO’s first-look photos it seems like Stone is an ally of Malkovich’s, while Manson will be playing a character similar to his own real-life persona.

Check out the photos above and below. The New Pope is “coming soon,” per HBO.


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