Michael Bublé is using his sweet singing voice to help lull your children in the upcoming NBC Universal Kids release Moon and Me.

The Canadian crooner will sing the “The Horsey in the House,” debuting in the premiere episode on May 20 and set to recur throughout Teletubbies creator Andrew Davenport’s stop-motion animation series that tells the story of a special friendship between two characters from different worlds.

Special research went into creating the show as Davenport developed the project with the help of England’s University of Sheffield, where they’d observe children playing in a toy house. The findings were used throughout the series, including in the beginning of each episode, which features a child placing their dolls down to sleep in their toy house.

Both Bublé and his children are huge fans of Davenport’s small screen creations, making this collaboration “Everything.”

Watch the first look at “The Horsey in the House” above.