By Christian Holub
May 16, 2019 at 11:53 AM EDT
Ron Tom/ABC

Battle lines are being drawn at ABC, where various network stars are taking sides in a debate over The Bachelor franchise. After Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted at Kelly Ripa over the talk show host’s recent criticism of his series, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo stood behind Ripa.

On Wednesday, Fleiss tweeted, “Easy, Kelly Ripa … The Bachelor franchise pays your salary!” after Ripa called the reality dating series “gross” and “creepy” on Tuesday’s episode of Live with Kelly and RyanBachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison also responded by tweeting, “Look out #BachelorNation ⁦@KellyRipa⁩ is coming after you and your “disgusting” Monday night habit.”

Pompeo defended Ripa Thursday morning in a message directed at Fleiss. “Okay @fleissmeister… that’s some handle bro! Your show does NOT pay @KellyRipa salary,” she tweeted. “Also we don’t attack successful women on our network and men certainly cannot take credit for their success. Don’t get me started on your show cuz I’m a savage…. #bachelorsoooowhite.”

ABC had no comment on the matter, but a peace summit of sorts appeared to occur Thursday when the latest star of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

“Hannah, I’m not sure what they told you backstage … if you blink twice, I will get you out of here,” Ripa joked at the start of the interview, before Brown laughed and said she was happy to be there.

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