Paul Rudd, ageless wonder and Ant-Man‘s Ant-Man, has agreed to host the season finale of Saturday Night Live for the fourth time. But that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to humor SNL star Beck Bennett and pretend he hasn’t yet.

With the gravitas of a most dangerous spy mission, Bennett meets in the darkened studio and asks Rudd for the password, which is… Capital P, lower-case assword. The exchange gets more awkward from there, as they can’t quite master the hand-off of a critical document. “There’s no going back if you decide to take this on,” intones Bennett. But did someone forget to bring a pen so that Rudd could complete the mission? Someone did. Luckily, another cast member, Heidi Gardner, is there with the pen. And a thought. “I thought you were already hosting,” she says. “Yeah, I am,” he says. “I just humor him. I think he needs this for some reason.”

And then Rudd and Gardner totally have an organic and sparkling conversation, setting the actor up for a successful Saturday night. Or maybe things don’t quite go as Rudd planned. See for yourself in the promo above.

SNL‘s season finale airs May 18 on NBC, with DJ Khaled serving as musical guest.

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