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May 13, 2019 at 02:56 PM EDT


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Ever since Knightfall began, viewers have had to know that things probably wouldn’t turn out okay for the main characters in the end. The show is, after all, about the Knights Templar, and the real-life downfall of the Templars has hung over the proceedings like a shadow from the beginning.

“The show isn’t called Knight Rising,” star Tom Cullen points out. “This is our version of what happened historically. This is about the ending of this medieval conglomerate.”

Last week’s penultimate episode ended with Cullen’s Landry tied to a stake alongside his brothers-in-arms, about to be burned by French authorities. Enter Talus (Mark Hamill), the grizzled old Templar instructor who arrives in the nick of time to save his students — as you can see in the exclusive clip above.

When season 2 began, Talus was quite a harsh taskmaster for Landry, who had been forced to re-enter the order as an initiate after disgracing himself with adultery. Landry’s romance with the Queen of France certainly helped inspire King Philip’s (Ed Stoppard) vengeance, but Landry isn’t single-handedly responsible for the bad things that are happening. Even Talus has come to realize that.

“He slept with another man’s wife, but he’s paid the price of that,” Cullen says. “Joan is dead, and he can’t spend time with his daughter because he’s dangerous, he’ll always be hunted. At that point it stops being Landry’s fault. At the point where Philip is going around killing children, the other Templars recognize this isn’t Landry’s fault. Philip going after the Templars is very much about getting their wealth, because he’s in debt after his wars with England. I think people like to blame Landry because they don’t want to take on their own faults.”

Although the real-life Templars were persecuted into obscurity by King Philip, Cullen points out that not all of them were wiped out. Some moved to Scotland and fought alongside William Wallace, while others went on to form the Knights of Malta. So while many characters’ stories will come to an end on Monday night, the door is open for more possible adventures.

“I think the episode feels conclusive in some ways. I think it will feel satisfying for the audience, though maybe not in the way they expect,” Cullen says. “It’s essentially a bottle episode; it takes place just over a few hours. I think the audience should expect a breathless 45 minutes. I think the episode will feel painful, but really they’ll feel like they need more.”

The Knightfall season 2 finale airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on History. Watch an exclusive clip above.   

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