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Does Arrested Development star David Cross think there should be more of the Netflix comedy series? He’s not explicitly saying one way or another.

When the actor was posed that question by PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing host Lola Ogunnaike, Cross sat for a few too many beats in silence as he pondered how best to respond.

First, he said earlier “I don’t think” the show would return. Then, as to whether he thinks it should, he finally said, “Things would have to be different. There are some things that would have to be different, I think, for it to be warranted to come back, I would say.”

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One might assume his reluctance to say anything has to do with the Jeffrey Tambor of it, given the previous accusations of sexual misconduct against the actor, his subsequent firing from Amazon’s Transparent as a result, and the group cast interview with The New York Times in which his Arrested Development co-star Jessica Walter addressed the verbal harassment she experienced from Tambor on the show’s set.

But when asked to elaborate on what he meant exactly by “some things,” Cross replied, “Your honor!”

“Some things would have to change,” he then repeated. “Let’s just meet in judge’s chambers.”

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