Meet Cocoa Leather. They’re just Maya Rudolph and Jimmy Fallon assuming British accents, but they also are the next musical sensation with their hit song “Tiger Conch.”

Following Amy Poehler’s appearance on The Tonight Show, Rudolph, her Wine Country costar, took a turn. Rather than play another game of Shouting Charades, she and Fallon played Build a Band, a bit wherein they each say the first word that comes to their head. Rudolph said “Leather,” Fallon said “Cocoa.” So their band name became “Cocoa Leather.” That’s also how they picked the name for their song.

With just Cocoa Leather, “Tiger Conch,” and a rhythm from The Roots, they had to improvise the song on the spot for the audience. And it goes a little something like this: “Tiger Conch, Tiger Conch/ Where is my Tiger Conch?”

The great thing about this is, if you say it in a certain way, this could almost be a Bill Hader Stefon sketch on Saturday Night Live. The newest musical sensation is… Cocoa Leather. And their dynamite bop playing at Chelsea Piers this Friday night is… “Tiger Conch.”

For Round 2, the band was Salsa Pong, the song was “Get Drifter,” and the lyrics were, “Where is my drifter?/ Would you please get my drifter?”

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