You can tell Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon are buds because no matter what kinds of shenanigans he throws at her on The Tonight Show, she’s always super game for it. The latest? A new twist on Charades called Shouting Charades.

The Saturday Night Live vets sat in chairs opposite each other with their arms tucked inside velvet sleeves so they couldn’t gesticulate. They then had to play Charades, but instead of acting out the word or phrase, they had to describe how they would act it out.

Oh, and they also had to shout everything to each other. Although, that part of the game ended very quickly.

So, for Dirty Dancing, Poehler’s first challenge, the Wine Country star said things like, “I’m standing up and I’m holding two fingers” (noting two words) and “I’m making an action like I’m doing something with film” (it’s a movie).

Get it? Now watch.

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