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Meet the new and improved "prophet," "savior," "immortal," "mutant," "god" David Haller and his psychic daddy. Both are revealed in the first Legion final season trailer, released this week as we inch closer to the premiere on Monday, June 24.

The second season finished with a twist ending comic readers probably anticipated: David (Dan Stevens) became the villain, due to his seemingly untamable psychic abilities and his reckless disregard for human life. He and Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) teleported off to do whatever it is omega-level mutants with limitless power do, but now we see them again in a new cult setting.

"I help people open their minds," David tells Syd (Rachel Keller) as a new hippy dippy Charles Manson figure, taking the whole idea of mind control to a new, more literal level.

As if defeating David wasn't already difficult, Syd and pals, who joined forces with the Shadow King/Amal Farouk to overcome this common threat, now have to deal with the fact that David is looking for a time-traveler. "How do you surprise someone who can go back in time and warn himself?" Amal asks.

Maybe you do so with someone like Professor Charles Xavier waiting to tag in.

Game of Thrones vet Harry Lloyd makes his debut this season as the popular X-Men character, who is David's father and also an immensely powerful psychic. In the Legion trailer, we see him donning a familiar Cerebro-looking helmet.

Watch the new trailer above for more.

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