Spoiler alert: This post contains plot from the series finale of Shadowhunters.

Although Shadowhunters was given an extended series finale by Freeform, that news came after the beloved fantasy series was canceled after three seasons. And because of that, the series finale had showrunners Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin making some decisions they wouldn’t have otherwise. “We never would’ve killed the Seelie Queen this early,” Todd Slavkin tells EW. “That relationship between Jonathan and the Seelie Queen was going to be a season. It was going to be much longer. His metamorphosis was going to take more time.”

And that’s not the only story that would’ve been different had the show survived for another season (or more). “The Helen and Aline relationship was going to be big moving forward,” Slavkin says. “Helen Blackthorn has siblings. She’s the oldest of a group of siblings and one of them gets murdered in the books — we would’ve done that story.”

Additionally, Slavkin says that the Magnus-Alec wedding also would’ve happened a bit differently had they had more time. “We would’ve planned the wedding,” Slavkin says. “That would’ve taken time. The wedding would not have happened the same day.”

The L.A. Institute, which fans got a glimpse of in the finale, also would’ve played a bigger part moving forward. Two other stories that would’ve gotten more play? Maia as an alpha and Luke as a Shadowhunter. “Luke as a Shadowhunter was going to be a great story,” Slavkin says. “He’d live in the Institute and be a bigger part of it, and it’d be so great!”

Then there’s the question of Simon and Izzy. The will-they-won’t-they relationship came together before the series ended, but not in the way the showrunners had always hoped. “We were patiently building to this relationship that was going to have a lot of depth and go on for seasons,” Darren Swimmer says, adding, “These are all things we’re going to have to have the fans continue in the fan fiction.”

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