By Nick Romano
May 03, 2019 at 08:58 AM EDT

The writers behind The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came up with a new game that will, for sure, prompt your own spit take. It’s called Spit Take Roulette and the first victim is Detective Pikachu star Ryan Reynolds.

Here’s how it works: On a table sits 12 cups, five of which are full of water. The rest contain liquids that are definitely not water. If you put the random liquid in your mouth and it’s not water, you have to swallow it. If it is water, you get to spit it in the other person’s face. The first person to have three cups of water spit into their face loses.

Reynolds, doubling over with laughter as the rules were laid out, asked a valid question, “Why are we doing this?”

“We wrote this!” Jimmy Fallon said. If there’s anyone who would play this game, it’s Reynolds.

The actor came out as the loser covered in saliva water, but are there really any winners when it comes to Spit Take Roulette? “I can taste your childhood in my mouth,” he joked with Fallon.

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