You’ll definitely want to add this one to your GoT collection.

By Christina Butan
May 02, 2019 at 05:26 PM EDT
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Game of Thrones is just three episodes away from the big finale, and Funko Pop! is celebrating the success of season 8 — which is up to a whopping 38 million viewers — with the drop of a brand new figurine.

Meet Jon Snow riding Rhaegal ($29.99;, the dragon named after his father, Rhaegar Targaryen. In the season premiere, Snow takes a ride on Rhaegal after his girlfriend (and queen/aunt/Iron Throne competitor) Daenerys convinces him to mount up. “You’ve completely ruined horses for me,” he says after the dizzying ride. Though Rhaegal recently took a few hits from his own dragon brother, Viserion, in the Battle of Winterfell, both him and his other brother, Drogon, are alive and well.

Buy it! Funko Pop! Rides TV: Game of Thrones, Jon Snow with Rhaegal, $29.99;

The Funko Pop! is set for release in November, but it’s currently available for pre-order, and Amazon customers are taking advantage. Since its release on May 1, the figurine grew in sales so much that it was the number one toy on Amazon’s Movers & Shakers sales charts (updated hourly). It’s currently one of the top 200 best-selling toys on Amazon, but we predict it’ll make it into the top 100 as anticipation for the final episode rises.

While you wait for the Jon Snow with Rhaegal release, you can check out all of Funko Pop!’s Game of Thrones figurines ready to be added to your cart here. And, to complete the dragon-riding collection, don’t forget to grab Daenerys riding Drogon and the Night King riding Viserion as well.

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