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“Brr! It’s cold in here. I said there must be some dragons in the atmosphere.”

This week’s Game of Thrones was very dark and full of terrors, but Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness served up some post-episode laughs on his Emmy-nominated GoT recap show Gay of Thrones, joined by none other than Bring it On star Gabrielle Union. The pair gave us cheers, pop culture references, and, most importantly, Game of Thrones recap realness.

The episode — called “The Dong Night,” a play on the GoT episode’s title, “The Long Night” — recaps all the mayhem and madness that occurred during the Battle of Winterfell. Van Ness and Union cover all the major beats of the episode, including the horrifying silence before the battle: “How come the White Walkers like yell and hiss and scream through the whole episode and then get to the library and start following the rules?” Union muses. Tyrion’s bad timing with Sansa: “And then that dang Mayor Pete picked a terrible time to get present. Everyone’s getting their head cut off upstairs and he’s just downstairs wondering, pining away, if he’s a good husband or not,” Van Ness exclaims. The Night King’s fierce entrance: “Excuse me, don’t think for one second I did not clock Ice Pence coming for my signature red carpet pose!” Van Ness declares.

Gay of Thrones (screen grab) Jonathan Van Ness and Gabrielle Union (screen grab) CR: Funny Or Die/YouTube
Credit: Funny Or Die/YouTube

The pair turn Theon’s final fight into a game Van Ness calls “Stab, Stab Revolution,” compare the battle itself to Martina Hingis’ tennis career, and of course cover the shocking demise of Ice Pence The Night King at the hands of Arya, who they also give an affectionate nickname to: “Let me get this straight. Baby Kill Bill pops her cherry then shatters a motherf—ing king off his patriarchal, nasty podium. That’s literally my perfect day,” Van Ness jokes.

The icing on top this cheerleading pyramid comes when they get to the Night King’s zombie ice dragon as Union and honorary Clover Van Ness break out into the famous cheer from Bring It On – with a little Game of Thrones twist: “Brr! It’s cold in here. I said, there must be dragons in the atmosphere.” Now that’ one cheerocracy we can get behind.

Watch the full video here:

This week’s Gay of Thrones had it all. The references. The recap. The hilarious nicknames. A fittingly epic installment for such a major episode.

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