Queer Eye’s Fab Five are back in New York City where it all began, but this time with a special mission: to help their new furry friend Lacey get ready for adoption. In honor of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day, Netflix’s makeover masters met up with the blond part-beagle, part-corgi, possibly part-basset-hound mutt nominated for the special by the North Shore Animal League of America.

Her nominator, Rosie, explained in a video that the 3-year-old puppy rescued from a municipal shelter in Tennessee was facing the possibility of euthanasia, and that her adoption would mean a two-for-one deal: Her finding a home would open the space to rescue another dog in need.

It was love at first sight as the mild-mannered mutt sauntered into the living room. Before beginning his instruction, Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye’s resident food and wine expert, joked, “Not only is this the first dog hero, but it’s also the first time where we’re actually gonna adopt our hero.” Already in love, Porowski headed to the the kitchen to make puppy-friendly peanut butter cookies from scratch. Then unfiltered grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness brought out a “gorgeous box of self-care goodies,” colorfully commenting on how to brush fur and apply paw cream.

Queer Eye puppy makeover
Credit: Netflix

Culture expert Karamo Brown talked Lacey through a heart-to-heart, reminding viewers of the unconditional love and support dogs provide and concluding with a chant: “I am a good girl, and I deserve love.” Bobby Berk used his home design expertise to outline ideal dog-owner organization and the importance of dog beds before passing her to fashion expert Tan France, who allowed Lacey to sniff her way through an array of accessories before settling on a studded black collar and leash set, perfect for New York and Paris.

In their final reveal to Rosie, the Fab Five also announced that they were covering all Lacey’s adoption and home-prep costs, so she is a “free pupperoni” for her future owners and they can focus on providing her the love she deserves. With Lacey contently dozing and sporting her new look, Karamo wisely concluded, “It’s not the person who rescues the pet, it’s the pet that rescues the person.”

Watch the video above for more.

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