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The Devil’s work is never done. Canceled by Fox, Lucifer lives on, thanks to Netflix. The team behind the fantasy cop drama is promising a biblical shift in season 4 as Tom Ellis’ titular, dashing fallen angel indulges his devilish side, motivated by one biblically significant woman: Eve (Inbar Lavi), you know, of Adam and Eve.

“A lot of this season is about the Jekyll and Hyde of Lucifer,” Ellis says of this 10-episode offering, which picks up in the wake of Det. Chloe Decker (Lauren German) finally realizing that Lucifer is actually Satan. Further complicating matters, Eve abandons heaven to find the bad boy she fell in love with years ago, which forces Lucifer to question if he’s really the monstrous devil or the good man Chloe was helping him become.

“Spoiler: He’s going to tilt more toward the devilish side for a good portion of our season,” says co-showrunner Joe Henderson.

Things get romantic fast for Eve and Lucifer, but “I wouldn’t say he’s the most comfortable person in the relationship,” says Ellis, who teases there’s more to the cozy Netflix-and-chill scene (pictured above) than may appear. “That image ties in with something that Lucifer is trying to achieve by not being himself.”

Adds Henderson, “What you could call this is domestic bliss inasmuch as it’s definitely not the worst version, but it might be one of the most boring versions. What we want our audience to wonder is: Why has Lucifer decided to show this side of himself to Eve?”

And as Lucifer finds himself, Lucifer feels more itself than ever before. “We focus more on the serialized mythology than the procedural aspects this season,” says co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich. “And we have pushed things a bit—we see Tom’s naked bum quite a bit and there’s a hair more violence, or at least the darker side of things.” Hell yeah.

The complete 10-episode fourth season launches May 8 on Netflix.

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