Rick Devens has turned into a competition beast on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. And after a big win on Wednesday night’s episode of the CBS reality competition, the underdog chose to let out a yell that confused many fans: “La Cheeserie!”

The saying is actually a catchphrase from the sports podcast The Tony Kornheiser Show, of which Devens is apparently a fan.

In February, Kornheiser read a letter from Devens on his podcast: “Rick [Devens,] an anchor in Macon, Ga., writes, ‘I’d like to be the official Survivor of The Tony Kornheiser Show. I’m going to be on Survivor‘s upcoming season. Starving on a deserted island with a bunch of strangers sounds right up your alley, Mr. Tony. I even throw in a few “La Cheeserie”s'”

Devens is currently one of seven contestants left in the game vying for $1 million. Make sure to read EW’s recap of last night’s episode as well as a new interview with host Jeff Probst about what happened on the show.

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