Catch-22 (2019 TV series)

John Yossarian is screwed.

As a bombardier flying in World War II, all Yossarian (Christoper Abbott) wants to do is complete his mission and return home before he’s killed. But he can’t do that, because as it’s explained in the new Catch-22 trailer (above), if you’re smart enough to claim you’re crazy, you’re clearly not crazy. And if Yossarian can’t use the insanity plea to head home, he’s stuck battling the ultimate enemy: his commanding officer, Col. Cathcart (Kyle Chandler). Cathcart finds joy in constantly raising Yossarian’s mission count, thereby keeping him in this war.

“He feels like he’s the only one fighting to get out,” Abbott tells EW. And that feeling of isolation can take a toll on a guy.

The series, which is based on the 1961 book from Joseph Heller, looks at war in a different way. “Rather than commenting on war itself, it’s very much about the bureaucracy of war,” Abbott says. Along with Abbott and Chandler, the series stars George Clooney — who directed two episodes and serves as executive producer — and Hugh Laurie.

All six episodes of Catch-22 hit Hulu on May 17.

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