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April 16, 2019 at 06:00 AM EDT

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Bless This Mess

John Fleenor/ABC


“I need a simpler life,” Rio (Lake Bell) says early in the pilot of this ABC comedy. She and new husband Mike (Dax Shepard) have abruptly decided to ditch their bustling New York City lives — she’s a therapist, he’s a music journalist — for Nebraska, home of the shabby farm he just inherited. Despite its likable leads, the skyscraper-to-cornstalks premise feels stale — though Pam Grier delights as one of many kooky locals — and the plot contains holes. (Wouldn’t they see the farm before quitting their jobs and packing up their lives?) But an affecting climax, in which Rio and Mike face each other and reality, indicates potential. B– —David Canfield

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The Last O.G.

Cara Howe/TBS

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Netflix

Binge it
Whereas season 1 (available to binge on Netflix) focused on Tray’s (Tracy Morgan) post-prison life, this comedy’s second season turns to how those 15 years he spent behind bars affected everyone else. ”We know what Tray went through after he was arrested and sent to jail. But what was life like for Shay?” showrunner Saladin K. Patterson says of Tray’s then-girlfriend (Tiffany Haddish), who gave birth to their twins shortly after his imprisonment and is now married. “Now you’re going to learn about the family. Season 1 you were on the outside, now you’ll be on the inside,” adds Morgan. “I didn’t get to see my babies being born. Shay filmed it, and now I get to see it.”

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