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Get ready for some more in-flight action!

NBC announced on Monday that Manifest will return for a second season. The freshman drama stars Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, and Parveen Kaur as passengers of the mysterious Flight 828, which disappears for five and a half years, though only minutes have passed on board. When they do get back on the ground, the passengers struggle to fit back into their old lives as their loved ones (played by J. R. Ramirez and Athena Karkanis) had presumed they were dead and moved on.

Throughout season one, more mysterious and supernatural elements were introduced as the passengers began to hear voices and have visions, making them believe they were part of a bigger plan. It was revealed in the finale that they may be living on borrowed time and their deaths are already set in stone. After the season 1 finale, Executive producer Jeff Rake told EW that the second season would delve into how the numerous travelers would deal with that revelation. “One can imagine that in that large group there would be subsets of people who would have very different responses once they come to terms with this concept of only a limited time back,” he said. “There’ll be the carpe-diem nihilists who will just live in the moment for better or worse; some people will become reckless, some will become lawless, some will try to make up for lost time. It’s that question that’s been asked in other contexts in fiction before, ‘What would you do if you only had a limited time?'”

Manifest returns to NBC in the fall.

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