Game of Thrones is a famously naked show. Its graphic nudity and racy sex scenes have been widely discussed (and criticized) since it premiered. Guest star Ian McShane notoriously referred to it as a show about “tits and dragons.” And Jason Momoa once joked to EW about his time as Khal Drogo: “I think I’m naked more than I talk.” So just how much has the show actually bared? Celebrity nude scene tracker Mr. Skin catalogued seven seasons of nakedness to find out.

According to Mr. Skin’s calculations (link is SFW), Game of Thrones has featured a whopping 82 nude scenes out of 67 episodes that have aired so far. Women were naked 61 times, while men were naked just 21 times, including seven instances of full-frontal male nudity (hello Hodor!), both real and prosthetic.

Credit: Mr. Skin

After starting its run with 19 nude scenes in its first season, Game of Thrones has featured significantly less nudity in recent years. Even with Jon and Daenerys’ steamy boat sex scene, season 7 was the least revealing so far with just six nude scenes. Season 6 also stayed fairly covered up with just eight shots of nudity, including the Mother of Dragons’ epic fire-goddess nude scene. Somewhat ironically, season 5–the one where King’s Landing finds religion–was the most naked since the show’s premiere season, including Cersei’s disturbing Walk of Shame, which was performed by a body double.

Game of Thrones Nude Scenes infographic
Credit: Mr. Skin

For all its nudity, Game of Thrones falls behind several other shows when it comes to total number of nude scenes. The bare-naked champ is Shameless with 238 nude scenes out of 110 episodes in the series so far. Also more naked than GoT: True Blood (137 nude scenes out of 80 total episodes), The Girls Next Door (129 nude–albeit blurred out–scenes out of 91 total episodes), The L Word (106 nude scenes out of 70 total episodes), Masters of Sex (92 nude scenes out of 46 total episodes), and Girls (89 nude scenes out of 62 total episodes).

Credit: Mr. Skin

With just six episodes in its final season, Game of Thrones will have to pack a lot of nudity into the impending big battle for it to end its run much higher on the list. Maybe the Night King will fill his army with a horde of naked wights? Follow EW’s complete coverage of the final season to find out.

Game of Thrones returns April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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