Season 15 of Deadliest Catch has finally arrived, and a brand new threat has docked at Dutch Harbor: Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson and his 148-foot-long ship known as the Southern Wind. And boy, does that man know how to catch lots of crab.

In this clip from tonight’s premiere of the Discovery series, the other fisherman admit how their newest rival is a “cutthroat” and “aggressive” pro whose ship could suck up 1,000 miles of crab in just two days.” Captain Keith Colburn of The Wizard doesn’t hold anything back when sharing his opinion of Davidson: “I put the Southern Wind right at the top of the list of guys I don’t like. And Harley is the guy I don’t like.”

At least the beloved Capt. Sig Hansen of the Northwestern throws him a bone by saying, “he’s not bashful by any means. That’s what makes him a good fisherman.”

The premiere also shows how Sig’s daughter Mandy is preparing to take over his ship as skipper. But will he actually let her? Make sure to check back at Tuesday night to read more about Hansen and the surprise declaration he makes during the episode.

The 15th season premiere of Deadliest Catch airs at 9 p.m. ET tonight on Discovery.

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