By Kristen Baldwin
April 08, 2019 at 10:38 AM EDT

It’s been a little over three weeks since Netflix made the “difficult decision” to cancel One Day at a Time, but fans of the show are still reeling — and fighting to keep it alive. Sony, the studio that produces One Day at a Time, and showrunner Gloria Caldern Kellett are shopping the show to other networks. In the most recent development, CBS All Access has reportedly expressed interest in picking up the show, but Vulture reports that it’s unclear if Netflix — which has the right to veto any deal Sony tries to make with another streaming provider — will let that happen.

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

This week on EW’s Best of Shows podcast, Darren and I discuss the ODAAT saga, which of course got us thinking about the cancellations we still can’t get over. Here’s a preview: I will go to my grave loving the 2015 Fox comedy The Grinder (“What part of ‘hashtag teen life’ do you not understand?”) while Darren laments the loss of Kings, a still-beloved 2009 NBC drama that he says is “a little like a modern-dress Game of Thrones.”

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