In an attempt to make tax season a little less stressful, Stephen Colbert‘s new Late Show sketch replaces the CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) of Turbo Tax and H&R Block with a CPG (Certified Public Goldblum) “’cause wouldn’t you rather talk to the star of Independence Day?”

The only caveat here is that actor Jeff Goldblum doesn’t actually help you with your tax questions, so maybe it’s not less stressful.

He’ll say things like, “Life insurance, uh, finds a way,” and maybe regale you about that time he did pushups with Chris Hemsworth. He’s always eager to retell that story about getting into makeup for The Fly, but, again, that won’t help you with your taxes.

“Jeff is available whenever you need him and times you don’t,” according to the sketch. At least he can provide some of that jazz scat singing as background noise while you figure everything out.

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