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You started to see the transformation of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman last October in the season 4 finale of Better Call Saul, but you’ll have to wait a while to see the results. Why? Because carefully plotted transformations take time. And because season 5 of AMC’s Breaking Bad prequel won’t premiere until next year.

In a wide-ranging interview with Vulture, AMC’s President of Entertainment Networks Sarah Barnett said that the news was dropped on AMC’s most recent earnings call. Decisions like this are “driven by talent needs,” she said, “which we would not override if it would result in a worse show.” (At least it’s not later in the year; EW has confirmed that the earnings call mentioned a debut date of early 2020.)

Better Call Saul, which launched in early 2015, unveiled season 2 almost exactly a year later; season 3 came 14 months later while season 4 arrived 16 months after that. While it’s frustrating for fans, it’s not uncommon for marquee shows to take longer hiatuses between later seasons. (See Game of Thrones, which wrapped season 7 in Aug. 2017 and kicks off its eighth and final season next week.)

In other Breaking Bad universe news, Better Call Saul co-creator/executive producer Vince Gilligan is also busy these days with that highly mysterious Breaking Bad movie.

Barnett also indicated in the interview that the show’s writers “have a very particular, very clear sense of the arc of their show,” and that “[w]e’re certainly getting closer” to the end of the series. That lines up with what Saul co-creator/executive producer Peter Gould told EW after season 4. “I think we are closer to the end than to the beginning,” he said, noting that his dream was to provide a level of end-game satisfaction that was “somewhere in the same universe” of Breaking Bad.

For much more from Gould on what to expect in season 5, head over here.

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