Who shows up to a costume party dressed as the character they play on a TV show? Kit Harington, that’s who.

The actor, 32, confirmed a rumor to Jimmy Fallon that he wore a Jon Snow getup to wife Rose Leslie‘s 30th birthday party. In his defense, the theme was “bad taste,” so it actually sounds appropriate.

“I thought, ‘What’s worst taste than going as the character you play in the show?’ It’s really bad taste,” Harington explained to Fallon. “So I did, thinking it was really funny. The trouble was, we had these two girls handing out canapés and drinks and things, and they had not been told what the theme of the costume party was. They just saw me dressed as my character from Game of Thrones. It’s like, ‘You sad sad man.'”

Harington didn’t wear his actual costume from the show, either. He bought a Jon Snow costume from a commonplace costume shop. Definitely in line with the theme of the night. “They were looking at me like, ‘Is this where you get your costumes for this stuff?'” the actor added.

Fallon went on to question his guest on more rumors, like did he actually keep his Jon Snow statue from the Game of Thrones promos? The answer is yes. Can he wink? No, Harington can’t wink. It comes out looking like a wink-blink hybrid. Keeping that in mind, Fallon challenged Harington to settle some Game of Thrones spoiler questions with a wink meaning yes and a blink meaning no.

Does Jon Snow die? Wink-blink. Does everyone die? Wink-blink. Does Jon get to ride a dragon? Wink-blink. There you have it, folks.

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