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April 04, 2019 at 10:00 AM EDT
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In Cloak & Dagger’s freshman year, Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy (Olivia Holt) discovered they had something in common: When they were little, an accident gave them both superpowers. And it wasn’t until they ran into each other as teenagers that those powers were activated. So if season 1 was about discovering their abilities, season 2 is about honing them.

EW spoke with Cloak & Dagger showrunner Joe Pokaski about what to expect from the next chapter in Tandy and Tyrone’s journey.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was your biggest goal heading into season 2?
JOE POKASKI: I think the most important thing for us was to make sure we were challenging ourselves. We leaned into making sure every episode was a thing unto itself, a concept unto itself, a notion, a theme, even just a feeling. I think that was one of the big, overt changes. We were like, “We’re not even going to put an episode up on the board if it doesn’t have the potential to be in the best episode of the year.”

What would you say is the theme of season 2?
The theme of season 1 was kind of the call to action. They’ve accepted the call, now what do they do? I think the theme of season 2 is: What kind of hero am I going to be? One of the reasons we were very excited about bringing Mayhem [played by Emma Lahana] into this season is, as Tandy and Tyrone are becoming vigilantes of sorts, they have this cautionary tale in front of them — or this aspirational tale depending on how you’re feeling that day. I love the idea of people trying to triangulate their moral compass against the magnetism of others.

So how will Mayhem’s arrival affect our heroes?
I like the idea of having someone in our story orbit who just wants to kick some ass and has no guilt. That’s who Mayhem will be. It will be like that anger in your voice. What if you just acted on it and didn’t think of the repercussions? That’s the fun of Mayhem. If she has a superpower, and granted, she’s a little bit faster, a little bit stronger than most of us, but if she has a superpower, it’s not second-guessing that what she’s doing is right.

Last season ended with a Tandy-Tyrone role reversal in terms of their living situations. How have they been faring when we pick up?
Tyrone spent the whole first season kind of complaining about being smothered by his parents, and depending on where you fall, you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It was great to take that away because it forced us to really dig into who Tyrone is without these things. He has to figure out who he is on his own. Then on the other side of course, Tandy, who would really like to be alone and use it as a shield, all of a sudden makes the very heroic move to move in with her mom. But she’s not used to being a member of a family unit, so that complicates things for her as well. I feel like the more you can drop these guys into situations they’re uncomfortable with, the more we get to see who they are by seeing how they deal with it.

Is there a particular episode this season you’re most excited for people to see?
I think we have a great run of episodes. In episode 6 we get to tell three “what if” stories. And then the finale, I’m just kind of in love with what our director did there. We have a really nice run where I don’t think we have any stinkers. Something I think we did measurably better this year is the ending to our episodes — the last five minutes of every episode just kicks your ass and wants you to watch the next one, which I’m very proud of.

Cloak & Dagger returns Thursday, April 4, at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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