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Poor Andre just can’t catch a break!

The man has been passed over by his father, his wife and unborn child have died, he’s got mental health issues, he’s fresh out of prison, he flatlined in a recent flash-forward, and now, he’s got cancer. After learning of the diagnosis in last week’s Empire, the eldest Lyon son is trying to juggle his responsibilities and treatment in an exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode.

“It’s a critical time for Empire right now, I can’t derail my family with this,” he says to an angered Teri. She’s right to be worried since he proceeds to start throwing up.

Considering he’s been told that he doesn’t have long to live and we saw him appear to be on his death bed in the midseason finale, Andre looks like a likely candidate to be in the mysterious coffin. Or is that too easy?

“There are hints and fingers are pointed and you can get a feeling all throughout the back nine, and the question is finally answered in the finale,” showrunner Brett Mahoney recently told EW of the identity of the soon-to-be dead character.

Empire airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the clip above.

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