Billy Crudup remains charming as ever — even while offering up a grim diagnosis — in EW’s exclusive, Halloween-themed sneak peek at Tuesday’s episode of At Home With Amy Sedaris.

Crudup plays Dr. Raddish, a white-coat-wearing, pill-prescribing professional sought by Chassie Tucker (Cole Escola) and Patty Hogg (Amy Sedaris) to assist with the revival of the variety show satire’s titular hostess, who’s come down with a case of “severe psychosomatic trauma to her fight-or-flight response,” otherwise known as “hysterical paralysis.”

“She may never think that she can walk again,” Raddish tells the concerned pair before assuring Amy that the two-month supply of anti-anxiety medication he’s given her will ease her pain — until realizing Chassie has downed the entire bottle with a single gulp of water.

Raddish then bids Amy farewell, but looks confused as she thanks him for his services.

“Oh! The costume! I usually dress up as a pirate, and I threw this together at the last minute,” he admits. “Well, I’ve got to go. I’ve got a gastric bypass. I’m never going to dress up like a doctor again.”

Find out if Amy regains her mobility when At Home With Amy Sedaris season 2 returns Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET on TruTV. For now, watch the exclusive clip above.

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