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March 29, 2019 at 02:00 PM EDT


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WARNING: This video contains explicit language.

Mark Hamill portrayed one of the most iconic heroes of the 20th century as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. In his latest role, as Talus of the Knights Templar on History’s Knightfall, Hamill is tasked with mentoring the next generation of knights and heroes. But as you can see in this exclusive clip from next week’s episode, he’s not going easy on these youngsters.

Anyone who thought the older, grizzled Luke was a mean mentor in Star Wars: The Last Jedi should really get a load of Talus. Training a group of young knights like Landry (Tom Cullen), Talus barks at them to climb a slippery, muddy wall in the midst of a downpour. But he’s not quite as harsh as he seems, as long as you can decipher the advice hidden within his mysterious clues.

“Talus is not a traditional antagonist,” Hamill tells EW. “He’s not a villain, but he very much opposes Landry. He doesn’t believe that Landry, who is seeking redemption, deserves another chance. It’s his goal to banish Landry forever, but it’s interesting because the relationship evolves over the course of the show and develops into a mutual respect for one another.”

Cullen says that Knightfall has gone for a more grounded, realistic tone in season 2 — something that’s readily apparent in this clip, as the characters struggle through dirt and grime.

“With season 2, we actually step much more into a more grounded, authentic, historical version of the Templars,” Cullen tells EW. “We’ve moved away from the more mythical side of things, and bury ourselves very deep in a very dark and bloody and real version of what it might have been like. The way it’s shot and filmed, everything’s a lot darker and the episodes are a lot darker.”

Watch the clip exclusively above. Knightfall airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on History.

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