Welcome to a fresh hell, survivors.

In the trailer for the sixth season of The 100, Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley), and their friends have woken up and thawed from their cryo-sleep to find themselves about to land on a new planet, one Monty (Christopher Larkin) had tracked down. “Can you see it? Is it beautiful?” his recording asks them. “I hope we do better there. I hope Jasper was wrong, and we aren’t the problem.”

He means well, but judging by the footage above, they may still be the problem after all this time. As “Book II” begins, the survivors are hopeful about their new home, but quickly — as things always turn out on The 100 — they’ll face bloodshed and conflict against a bevy of foes. There’s Teen Wolf alum J.R. Bourne’s charismatic leader, who greets Clarke as an equal. There’s the threat of the eclipse, which apparently causes psychosis. And there’s a faction in the woods hunting the survivors down. Can’t these guys catch a break? Apparently not.

Watch the trailer above. The 100 returns Tuesday, April 30, on The CW.

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