By Nick Romano
March 28, 2019 at 09:31 AM EDT

With Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes now the subject of a documentary and a 20/20 special, James Corden decided to spoof the controversial medical entrepreneur… or, rather, “The Entrepooneur.”

Holmes was considered “the next Steve Jobs” after she dropped out of Stanford University in 2016 to develop technology she claimed could run all sorts of tests from a drop of blood. Based on a Wall Street Journal investigation and the “massive fraud charges” Holmes settled, the tech didn’t work. Corden is now in the midst of his own medical industry scandal in a sketch from Wednesday’s The Late Late Show.

Corden launched Fecanos, a company that claimed to revolutionize the way people poop by having them do No. 2 in a box. To echo Saturday Night Live, it’s your poop in a box, girl! But, through testimony from workers, it was just a Sketchers shoe box and didn’t do anything it promised.

Through it all, Corden remained unblinking and maintained a deep, low voice as jabs at Holmes; many commented on how she never seemed to blink and how she seemingly fabricated a low voice to emulate Jobs.

Corden even slipped in a “U Can’t Touch This” music break to mock that one scene from HBO’s The Inventor, Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary that shows, among much more nefarious things, Holmes walking out and raising the roof to the MC Hammer song.

“One poo, one box, one dream,” Corden says. Too bad nobody knows what that means.

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