By Nick Romano
March 27, 2019 at 08:28 AM EDT

Why doesn’t Stephen Colbert turn this into his own late-night game series?

The host of The Late Show once tried to get Game of Thrones finale spoilers out of Kit Harington by facing a camera at his head and watching how he reacted to some of his craziest theories. On Tuesday night, it became Keri Russell‘s turn with Star Wars: Episode IX spoilers.

Did Colbert get any details out of her? Just that she has “the coolest costume.” But it was more entertaining to watch her crack up over some of Colbert’s ridiculous guesses.

“Your character is Yoda’s ex-wife Rachel,” Colbert joked. “You run a profitable business on Tatooine, you and Yoda met on OkCupid and he said he was 6-foot-2.”

Maybe Russell, who co-stars in Broadway’s Burn This with Kylo Ren himself, Adam Driver, is playing “Chewbacca’s step-sister, Chewbecky.”

A personal favorite, the host guessed, “Your character isn’t integral to the plot. You just keep walking into random scenes, asking if you left your keys there.”

Close but no cigar, Colbert.

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