Netflix is raising the stakes of interactive storytelling.

In the first trailer for You vs. Wild, adventuring wild man Bear Grylls wants you, the viewer, to decide whether he actually survives nature or gets swallowed up by some icy tundra.

Should he climb up the side of a rock and face a mountain lion, or should he climb down into a rocky abyss? Should he follow the warm air coming through one of two cave tunnels or take his chances down the other path? Should he follow the sound of the monkeys to escape a thick forest or should he climb a tree to find civilization?

"You're in charge here," Grylls reiterates. "You're on this journey with me. You decide. And if you don't make the right choices, it might not end well for me."

Assuming Netflix wouldn't let their subscribers indulge their God complexes and actually lead Grylls to his doom, the trailer does show an explosion, some skydiving, and Grylls climbing a branch to keep away from a snarling wolf. Again, he tells viewers, "Whatever you say goes."

Use your powers wisely.

You vs. Wild will drop April 10 on Netflix.

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