Andrew Lincoln is not the only former Walking Dead star returning to direct in season 10. Lincoln first told EW about his TWD directing plans, and now, while on EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM channel 105) Tuesday morning to chat about his new ABC comedy The Kids Are Alright, Michael Cudlitz revealed that he too will be heading back to Senoia, Ga. to sit in the director’s chair.

For the man who became a fan favorite playing Sgt. Abraham Ford, this will be Cudlitz’s second time directing a Walking Dead episode. He also helmed episode 7 of season 9 (titled “Stradivarius”), and announced he will be directing the third episode of season 10, to air in the fall.

“Everybody asks, ‘What do you miss most on the show?’ Cudlitz told EW on SiriusXM. “And the thing I would miss the most typically I don’t miss because I do see all these guys. What I would miss is all the people, and I see these guys five to six times a year at different conventions. We travel all around the world together. That’s one of the cool things that this has afforded me.”

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

When asked his thoughts about all the cast turnover that has happened this season, the star-turned-director noted that he had met most of the newbies thanks to his work on “Stradivarius,” which took place after the season 9 time-jump. “As far as the new people coming in, I’ve met most of the new people, except Samantha Morton,” said Cudlitz. “Ryan Hurst has come on, but I’ve known Ryan. Ryan and I used to go for stuff all the time because we’re bigger actors. He’s much bigger than me, but we would go in for stuff all the time against each other. I’ve actually worked with him about eight or 10 years ago.”

Then Cudlitz revealed his plans to return: “I know the other cast members because I was fortunate enough to go back last year and direct, and I’m going to go back this spring and direct another one. I’m directing episode 3 of season 10.”

Back in November 2018, right as his Walking Dead directorial debut was airing, we asked Cudlitz if he wanted to return for more. “I hope so, he said then. “That’s all up to them. I spoke to [showrunner Angela Kang] pretty recently. I know there are a lot of demands that are outside of choice for her sometimes, so I don’t put any pressure on them other than letting them know I’d love to do it again. We’ll see from there. I’ve also spoken to Michael Satrazemis, and we briefly chatted about me possibly going over to Fear the Walking Dead, but again, that would again be their choice. I let them know that I would love to do that. Now the ball’s in their court at this point.”

And now that he has the proverbial ball back, it’s time for Cudlitz to shoot once again.

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