By Chancellor Agard and Christian Holub
March 22, 2019 at 09:26 PM EDT

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This week, Black Lightning brought its sophomore season to a close. Meanwhile in the Arrowverse, Jon Cryer made his exceedingly fun debut as Lex Luthor, XS’ secret finally came out on The Flash, and Arrow spent an entire episode in the future. Here are the highlights!

Josh Stringer/The CW; Sergei Bachlakov/The CW (2)


Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Jon Cryer stole the show in his debut episode as Lex Luthor. His performance as the sickly Lex was just convincing enough to make you consider that he wasn’t up to something. Of course, Lex was definitely scheming, and the moment he summoned Eve and Otis, everything jumped up a level because Cryer brought such a delightful theatricality to the entire final act. That being said, the rest of the episode had plenty of moments to talk about as well. Brainy and Nia’s kiss was the right mix of silly and cute, and J’onn killing Manchester Black was appropriate upsetting and shocking. —Chancellor Agard

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Jack Rowand/The CW

Felicity’s alive! Team Arrow 2.0 rides again! Rene has seen the error of his ways! While Arrow’s future-set episode featured several important moments, Katrina Law’s reappearance as Nyssa al Ghul in that awesome training montage was definitely my favorite. Even though she barely had any dialogue, I just love the idea that she’s the one Felicity turned to after Oliver’s disappearance/death/whatever happened to him. Hopefully, there will be more Nyssa in the final season. —C.A.

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Black Lightning

Eliza Morse/The CW

Tobias Whale’s reign of terror finally came to an end this week. Taking a page out of The Flash’s book, Black Lightning concluded season 2 by consigning its primary villain to a black site prison called the Pit. Trapped in a power-sealing collar, Tobias has finally faced a situation he can’t muscle or talk his way out of.

Unfortunately for the Pierce family, there’s an even bigger menace on the horizon. In the finale’s closing minutes, Agent Odell arrived at the Pierce home to inform them that the nation of Markovia would soon be initiating a “first strike” against Freeland. This strange European nation has banked its future on being the world’s primary source of weaponized metahumans, and so they see Freeland’s unique collection of oddities, pod kids, and vigilante superheroes as a threat. Luckily, the Pierce family is fully operational. Now that Jennifer has officially suited up as Lightning, every member of the family is ready and willing to fight for justice — even Lynn, who went beast mode on Dr. Jace before her hated co-worker was spirited back to Markovia.

As for how a sovereign nation plans to invade a landlocked city… guess we’ll find out next season! —Christian Holub

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The Flash

Katie Yu/The CW

“Time Bomb” confirmed what last week’s episode hinted at: Cicada II is far more dangerous than the original Cicada, who actually met his demise in this episode (R.I.P., Chris Klein’s growl). Of course, Orlin’s death wasn’t the biggest development of the hour since Team Flash found out Nora has been working with Thawne a few short scenes later. While I knew the news would upset Barry when he found out, I didn’t expect him to throw his own daughter in the pipeline, which, as I wrote in my recap, was the ultimate grounding. While this reveal took a tad too long to arrive, it still landed thanks to Grant Gustin, who conveyed how betrayed Barry felt with very few words. —C.A.

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