By Clarissa Cruz
March 22, 2019 at 03:02 PM EDT


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Comedy Central dubbed Rob Delaney the funniest man on Twitter; Sharon Horgan’s clever Instagram is like her hair: artfully disheveled yet aspirational. Now the creators/writers of the brilliantly funny Catastrophe (which just released their final season) are giving us their expert tips on how to win at social media.

On Instagram: “Do repost pictures of Rob Delaney wearing tiny shorts because that’s always good,” says Horgan. Adds Delaney: “Well everybody wants to see that, and not just women and gay men. Straight men want to see that because they want to know what’s possible.”

On Twitter: “Passion and details are the main thing,” says Delaney. “I had a salad for lunch, not that interesting. I had a salad for lunch while wearing leather trousers, that’s better. And then you can hashtag it #aleathermandines.”

For more social media tips, check out the video above.

Catastrophe season 4 is now streaming on Amazon. Check out our full story in the new issue of EW, on stands today.

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An American named Rob and an Irish teacher named Sharon have a casual fling while on business, but things go awry when Sharon learns she is pregnant.
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