John Mulaney has an idea to close out what Conan O’Brien described to be his trilogy of Saturday Night Live musical sketches.

The first was “Diner Lobster” from season 43 with Pete Davidson playing a man ordering that-which-shall-not-be-ordered off the shady seafood menu at a diner. The second came when Mulaney returned to host this March with “Bodega Bathroom,” a musical rendition exactly about what the title suggests.

“They are very specific New York City observations that we turn into musicals by stealing songs from other musicals,” Mulaney told O’Brien this week. For a potential third, the comedian tossed out the idea of “The G Train.”

For any non New Yorker, “The G train is a train with like three cars that runs from Brooklyn to Queens and it runs whenever it wants to,” Mulaney explained. “Sometimes it’s like, ‘Yeah, it’ll be here in 35 minutes.’ And it’s like a plane in 1924, it might get here.”

It seems Mulaney already worked out some material. He mentioned the stations are so empty that he “used to smoke on the subway platform” and, on the train cars, “there’s always a seat that has a little level of soda just sitting in it.” This is all pretty accurate, EW can confirm.

Now, we just need to get Mulaney another hosting gig, maybe one pegged for whatever Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse spin-off Sony is cooking up.

Watch the two musical predecessors below.

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