If you need just one reason to tune in to The Good Fight, this is it: They blow things up!

For those who don’t watch the addictive series on CBS All Access, the Christine Baranski drama opens with a bunch of delicate items getting blown to smithereens. This year, it’s lots of glass and china, along with a series of Birkin-like bags, a woman’s wardrobe, and an image of Fox News’ Sean Hannity. We checked in with executive producers Robert and Michelle King about the highly satisfying explosions and what’s different this year (see above!).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You have updated the titles every year, right? Do you add props to blow up that represent the season’s theme?
ROBERT KING: Yes. This year was about TV itself, so we added a Busby Berkley element and a collapsing facade that reveals a soundstage, which also explodes. This year is about exploding the facade behind the facade.

I don’t know about you, but I sit through the titles every time I watch the show. I do not fast forward. Do you watch them a lot?
MICHELLE KING: Each 10-second explosion goes on for 45 minutes because the camera is running so fast, so you can’t believe how much of the explosion we’re watching. And yes, we wanted to create a main title that was highly watchable and never bored us.

Who is the most interesting/famous person you know who has complimented the titles to you?
RK: None yet. But operators are standing by.

Do you already know what you would like to blow up for the final season?
We’re not sure yet, but the news provides endless inspiration. Maybe the Wall.

Want to know how it’s all done? In season 1, we talked to visual effects supervisor Lawson Deming about the highly technical process. Season 3 of The Good Fight is currently streaming on CBS All Access.


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