By Gerrad Hall
March 20, 2019 at 09:30 AM EDT

Where ABC’s The Goldbergs celebrates all things 1980s pop culture, its spin-off, Schooled, does much the same with the ’90s. One of the biggest movies to come out of that decade was the return of the Star Wars franchise with 1999’s The Phantom Menace.

“After 16 agonizing years, George Lucas will once again bestow his genius upon us. God only knows the things in store he has planned,” math teacher CB (Brett Dier) says to the “Star Wars club,” as seen in the exclusive clip above.

“I heard Jackie Chan is going to play Boba Fett,” one Darth Vader-dressed student replies, while another says she heard “the Ewoks grow into the Wookiees.”

Before heading to their local movie theater, the students have a little “Jedi Academy” in the school gym to work on their lightsaber moves. Enter Coach Mellor (Bryan Callen).

“Attention non-athletes, time to take your glowing wizard wands and scoot,” he says, trying to clear the space for a sports practice. After the coach confuses Star Wars for “the one with the pointy-eared know it all with the bowl cut” (Star Trek!), “the one where the little guy pops out of the big guy’s chest” (Alien), and even that other extra-terrestrial movie (E.T.), CB makes an impassioned plea for his students to get ready for the movie’s big opening.

“Star Wars is about a group of ragtag underdogs that stand up to the Empire, and just like those underdogs, we will not…be…thrown—” he stops, pausing his speech as his students get carried about by the bigger athletes.

Will the “Star Wars club” make Coach Mellor a convert? Watch Schooled at 8:30 p.m. on ABC to see what happens when they take him to the movie.

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