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At first glance Trey McDougal (Kyle MacLachlan) seemed like the perfect catch for Charlotte (Kristin Davis) on Sex and the City, but she soon learned he had both mommy and bedroom issues.

For MacLachlan, the job was an exciting one, even if it did have an unexpected side effect — making people think he really had erectile dysfunction just like his character. The actor revealed the mix-up between fiction and fact while sitting down on PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing.

“It was a little strange,” he admitted of the role. “I’m sort of known for, at the time, eccentric characters. When I met with Michael Patrick King who was the showrunner at the time and [writer] Jenny Bicks, we had like a meeting just to talk about the character. I was excited about the role because he was an Upper East Side heart surgeon, guy that seemed to have it all.”

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But the actor soon discovered there was a twist to this seemingly perfect guy (as Charlotte would as well and eventually divorce him after their unsuccessful marriage, a split largely fueled by his intimacy issues). “We sit down to talk and they say, ‘And by the way, he has mother issues and he has erectile dysfunction.’ I was like ‘Really?! Thank you for telling me.'”

The role was a memorable one for MacLachlan and it clearly stuck with viewers, since he reveals many people assumed he suffered from the same problem. “Sometimes, not so much anymore, there would be doormen or something like that would say, ‘Hey, good luck man, good luck with that thing, you’re going to be ok,'” he sheepishly recounted, before joking, “Thank you, yep, everything is ok now, all working.”

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