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Christine Baranski can do anything: deliver Tony-winning performances, give us one of the best shows on television, be in two Mamma Mia movie musicals and still be a national treasure, and play a fake body double for Laura Benanti‘s fake Melania Trump.

Baranski surprised The Late Show during Friday’s episode as Benanti reprised her bit of First Lady to address certain rumors. Apparently, there is a theory that someone stands in for Trump for various occasions. Of course, she denied that she used a double, but then off went Benanti’s Trump and in came Baranski’s Trump.

“Why would anyone impersonate Melania Trump, especially after someone else really made that role her own?” Baranski said. “It would take some kind of two-time Tony award-winning actor to pay that off.” The actress then razzle dazzled the audience by showing off her own two Tony awards.

A second surprise came when Baranski’s Trump exited the frame and comedian Brian Stack, also playing Trump, came in.

“What was your question? Oh, yes. I love Donald Trump, just as sure as I’m Donald Trump,” Stack joked.

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