Tell us how you really feel, Woody Harrelson!

In an interview with Willie Geist for Sunday TODAY, Harrelson indicates that he wasn’t too keen on the second season of True Detective with Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and Vince Vaughn, but he’d like to see the HBO series continue.

“It was pretty amazing because I had not thought about doing television from the time I did Cheers, and then I did like seven episodes on Will and Grace,” Harrelson, who starred in season 1 of True Detective, tells Geist. “I was not really wanting to do television. Well, it wasn’t television, it was HBO. So I feel lucky about that. I was, you know, kind of disappointed that the second season wasn’t as… but now the third season, which I’ve only seen the first four episodes because I’ve been working, but I’m really psyched about the third season. I’d like it to keep going.”

When asked by Geist if he would ever consider a True Detective comeback — he costar Matthew McConaughey earned rave reviews for their performances as Louisiana homicide detectives — Harrelson admits the chances are slim.

“I can’t imagine there’s any world where we go and do another season,” the actor says. “I feel like we did that and it went great. The only thing that could happen is people [would] say, ‘Well, don’t you wish this season you’re doing is as good as the one you did before?’ I don’t want to face that.”

He adds, “I mean, you know, God knows, who knows how the career will keep going. Maybe they can catch me in a vulnerable moment.”

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